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Turkeys are Setting!

  Spring has bloomed out here at Tyfton and love is in the air. All of our turkey hens have made nests, laid eggs, and are busy incubating new families.   We sold our colored Angora and are picking up our new mini fainter buckling this weekend.  Can't wait to have a baby goat here on the farm.  He is going to be loved to death!  Our Genesys must have gotten kicked by one of the other donkeys last Sunday, because we found her Sunday night limping badly.  We called the ferrier, and he could find nothing wrong.  She has gotten better and is walking fine now.  Hope this wonderful weather stays, but we could really use a good washing outside to get rid of some of the pollen!

We are so excited to be bringing you home to Tyfton Acres little one!


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