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Spring is coming!

The weather here at Tyfton Acres is BEAUTIFUL today.  The animals are all out in the pasture enjoying the sunshine.  The pond is full and the ducks are staying home instead of roaming around everywhere like they have been during the cold, rainy days.  The leaves are budding out on the trees.  The broccoli, snow peas, onions, and potatoes are all up and growing in the garden. One of our Royal Palm hens is setting on a nest of eggs!  We have 16 Bourbon Red eggs in Anne Miller's incubator. 

This is our new little mini silky fainter from Whispering Hope Farm in Gastonia, N.C.  She was born on St. Patrick's Day.


 We are going to Gone with the Wind Goats in the mountains of N.C. this weekend to pick up our little fainter, Pyper.  Can't wait to get him home so we can watch him romp and play.  Our silky fainting doeling is three weeks old today and we should be able to pick her up in about five weeks.  Life is good.  Come visit our blessings here at Tyfton, all wrapped up in fiber, fur, and feathers!

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