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Tyfton Acres

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September is Here!

We have acquired five guineas and they are growing up into very nice birds.  We kept two Muscovy ducklings from our last hatch to replace a couple the foxes got this spring.  We, also, have a little Mallard that we are keeping for a cousin.  It is so strange to watch the ducklings and guineas run around together in their pen!  They don't seem to know that they are different.  If only people could get along like that!

Our fainting goats provide entertainment on a daily basis!  Their antics keep us laughing.  Feathyr is boss doeling and sometimes gets really rough with the twins especially at feeding time.  Can't wait until they get old enough to breed and we have new babies to register under our MGR herd name...Tyfton Acres Fainters!

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