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Nursing Orphan Foal

We lost our mini donkey jenny almost two weeks ago.  She was fine on Thursday night.  Mother and daughter were active and appeared healthy and thriving.  Genesys ate her feed with no problems on Thursday evening.  On Friday morning, Charles let them out in their private paddock off their stall.  I had a busy day and did not check on them that day.  When Charles went to feed on Friday evening, Genesys would not eat.  She went down FAST.  We finally found a vet about 60 miles away who agreed to see her so we loaded her and started off.  We stopped in Aberdeen for gas and I checked on her.  She raised her head and then put it back down and stopped breathing.  In less than four hours, she was gone.  We hurried back home because we were anxious to get food into the baby, who at that time was only four weeks old.  I worked with her Friday night and most of the day on Saturday but she would not take a bottle.  Around 4:00 p.m on Saturday, I was finally able to reach Dr. Kivett and she talked me through teaching Autymn to drink milk from a bucket, actually a bowl!  Once she got the hang of it, we were home free.  Now four times a day she scarfs down a pint of milk replacer in about a minute.  She is doing great!  I am trying not to get too attached because you can lose a perfectly ok donkey in less than four hours.  We learned the hard way.  Rest has been hard to come by since I have begun this round the clock feeding.  She is now eating a little sweet feed each day.  Hopefully in a few weeks we will be able to get her on solid food.  Please God, give me strength to keep on keeping on!  And God, if you could find a way to send some warmer nights, I will be so grateful...27 degrees at 4 in the am is hard to do!

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