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New Red Jack

Tyfton Acres welcomed spring in 2014 with a new little jack, born late on Thursday evening.  Mother and son are doing great! We have named the little one Tyfton Acres Coppyr Spryng to celebrate his bright red color and his spring birthday!  

The turkeys are laying and we should have poults soon.  One Muscovy duck has a nest, also.  We have purchased a new 8 by 8 brooder house and Charles is working on getting it set up for the new poultry.

Plan to put the goats into breeding families at the end of  April so that we will have kids in September and they should be ready for Christmas.

Sonya Sommerville from Whispering Hope Farm informed us today that her ewe has given birth to a black Southdown Babydoll lamb so our flock will have two ewes and a ram!  Can't wait to get some lambs on the ground from our flock!  Pushy may be pregnant, but we cannot tell because she is so heavy with wool.  Maybe when we get her sheared in April we will find that we have a lamb of our own on the way!  Baby animals are always so much fun.

Spring on the farm is WONDERFUL....frogs croaking, birds singing, eggs cracking, and new little ones frolicking and playing!  Days are longer and work is never ending, but God has blessed this tired farmer's soul! This farmer loves SPRING!



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