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Hectic Weekend

Well, we finally have Pyper home after a 350+ round trip to the mountains of North Carolina and back.  The weather was beautiful during the day and very COLD at night, but we had a great time.  We put Pyper in with the Angoras today and he adjusted in no time.  Cottyn, our Angora doe, is having a very hard time accepting the new baby.  Malachy took to him right away.  The real problem, that we are having, is with Chase.  He thinks that he needs a goat pen at his house so that Pyper can live with him.   After feeding tonight and making sure that the older two food bullies did not take the little one's food...I tend to agree with Chase.  Every time we make a change here, there is MORE work.  Why do we keep doing it?  I spent the better part of the day researching hair loss in goats.  While I was sitting in the goat pen making sure that Pyper was going to be ok, I noticed that the Angoras have lost a lot of fiber on their legs and tail.  I don't really think we have lice or mites.  This appears to be a copper defiency.  Now I have to find a way to get more copper in their diet.  We purchased 4" pvc Ys tonight to make mineral dispensers for the goat pen.  This farmer is beat.  Before I go to bed, I have to check the new baby one more time.  God bless this farmer and may our blessings all wrapped up in fur and feathers have a peaceful night!

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