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Happy Birthday Charles!

We spent today in Carthage, N.C. at the annual tractor pull.  Charles loves tractor pulls and since it was his birthday, I agreed to go...even though we just spent the day at a tractor pull in Fletcher, N.C. two weekends ago with probably 95% of the same tractors and drivers!  Tractors hold the same fascination for my husband that animals of any kind hold for me.  Today, though, there were no animals in sight!  Only acres and acres of mechanical equipment of all kinds.  CAT, IH, John Deere, Minnesota Moline(?), Ford, Oliver, the list goes on and on.

The Fletcher Pull in the beautiful mountains of N.C.  has the added advantage of being right next door to the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, where I can sneak off to spend hours in the livestock barn with llamas, alpacas, sheep of every description, and of course the beautiful angora goats.  Fiber in every stage from sheep to shawl is available.  

The one thing the Carthage Pull has going for it is that it is close to home and I don't have to leave Tyfton Acres in anyone's care while I am gone.  Coming home tonight to the goats baas and the donkeys braaays, along with the quacking and gobbling of our feathered friends makes the world just right.  There is nothing more wonderful than the greetings we get from our buddies here at Tyfton Acres when we get home at night...thank you God for our blessings all wrapped up in fur and feathers!

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