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New donkeys

Tyfton Acres is home to two new donkey jacks!  Both boys were born in April.  Madonna and Reyd are parents of Tyfton Acres Bryck Reyd.  Sycily and Reyd are parents of Tyfton Acres Koppyr Top.  Both of these red boys have already been reserved and will go to their new homes when weaned.

New Red Jack

Tyfton Acres welcomed spring in 2014 with a new little jack, born late on Thursday evening.  Mother and son are doing great! We have named the little one Tyfton Acres Coppyr Spryng to celebrate his bright red color and his spring birthday!  

The turkeys are laying and we should have poults soon.  One Muscovy duck has a nest, also.  We have purchased a new 8 by 8 brooder house and Charles is working on getting it set up for the new poultry.

Plan to put the goats into breeding families at the end of  April so that we will have kids in September and they should be ready for Christmas.

Sonya Sommerville from Whispering Hope Farm informed us today that her ewe has given birth to a black Southdown Babydoll lamb so our flock will have two ewes and a ram!  Can't wait to get some lambs on the ground from our flock!  Pushy may be pregnant, but we cannot tell because she is so heavy with wool.  Maybe when we get her sheared in April we will find that we have a lamb of our own on the way!  Baby animals are always so much fun.

Spring on the farm is WONDERFUL....frogs croaking, birds singing, eggs cracking, and new little ones frolicking and playing!  Days are longer and work is never ending, but God has blessed this tired farmer's soul! This farmer loves SPRING!



Baby, it's cold here at Tyfton Acres!

The weather here has been the coldest that we have had in Hamlet, N.C. for many years.  Not only is it really cold, but it has remained cold for days and days.  We have put coats on the goats.  Autymn is having to stay stalled, because the wind is just too cold for her to be out.  Feeding her 12;00 a.m. milk has been a real task.  She was 14 weeks old yesterday and I really should work on weaning her, but  I feel like it is really important that she have her warm milk to get her through the cold.

Last week the ducks got frozen into the pond!  They had a circle about 12 feet wide that they had kept from freezing by swimming around and around and were trapped inside.  Poor babies could not figure out how to get out.  Thankfully, that freeze only lasted about a day and a half!  

We have a breeding pair of Southdown Babydoll sheep here at Tyfton!  We call the ewe, Pushey, and the ram is Meytball.  We are working on getting them registered through the North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association.  We have tagged them and had them DNA tested for Scrapie resistance.  Charles is a reluctant shepherd and is definitely not a fan of sheep.  I keep telling him that it will be worth all the bother when we have those cute little lambs.  I don't think he believes me, but he is trying really hard.  Pushey and Meytball are not helping convince him and are living up to their names!

Our new trio of Bourbon Reds  (that we put together with two hens from our last hatch and a tom from the Miller's farm) needs to be put out in the large turkey pen.  We are scared to put them out because we never know when that weasel will return.  Charles made weasel traps and put them all around the turkey pen, but we have not caught a weasel yet.  The grow-out pen that they have been in since they came out of the brooder house is right beside our German Shepherd's kennel, and her barking has apparently kept the turkeys safe.

Our oldest fainting billy would not eat several night ago and we had to make him come out of his shed.  We brought him into the utility room and put the heater in with him. A coat went on the next morning and he seems to have gotten over whatever had him down.  I prayed really hard, because he belongs to Chase (our second grandson).  Losing an animal is always hard, but when it belongs to a child, the loss is even harder.  

Only one more week and the groundhog will come out and look for his shadow.  Hopefully, he will not see it and spring will be on its way!  We are ready here at Tyfton Acres...a donkey foal, new ducklings, turkey poults, and this year, maybe a lamb or two!  New life is exciting and worth the wait through these long winter days and nights!

Lord, keep our animals in your hand....protect us and help us stay warm!  Lord, bless this tired farmer and his wife!

Nursing Orphan Foal

We lost our mini donkey jenny almost two weeks ago.  She was fine on Thursday night.  Mother and daughter were active and appeared healthy and thriving.  Genesys ate her feed with no problems on Thursday evening.  On Friday morning, Charles let them out in their private paddock off their stall.  I had a busy day and did not check on them that day.  When Charles went to feed on Friday evening, Genesys would not eat.  She went down FAST.  We finally found a vet about 60 miles away who agreed to see her so we loaded her and started off.  We stopped in Aberdeen for gas and I checked on her.  She raised her head and then put it back down and stopped breathing.  In less than four hours, she was gone.  We hurried back home because we were anxious to get food into the baby, who at that time was only four weeks old.  I worked with her Friday night and most of the day on Saturday but she would not take a bottle.  Around 4:00 p.m on Saturday, I was finally able to reach Dr. Kivett and she talked me through teaching Autymn to drink milk from a bucket, actually a bowl!  Once she got the hang of it, we were home free.  Now four times a day she scarfs down a pint of milk replacer in about a minute.  She is doing great!  I am trying not to get too attached because you can lose a perfectly ok donkey in less than four hours.  We learned the hard way.  Rest has been hard to come by since I have begun this round the clock feeding.  She is now eating a little sweet feed each day.  Hopefully in a few weeks we will be able to get her on solid food.  Please God, give me strength to keep on keeping on!  And God, if you could find a way to send some warmer nights, I will be so grateful...27 degrees at 4 in the am is hard to do!

Happy Birthday Charles!

We spent today in Carthage, N.C. at the annual tractor pull.  Charles loves tractor pulls and since it was his birthday, I agreed to go...even though we just spent the day at a tractor pull in Fletcher, N.C. two weekends ago with probably 95% of the same tractors and drivers!  Tractors hold the same fascination for my husband that animals of any kind hold for me.  Today, though, there were no animals in sight!  Only acres and acres of mechanical equipment of all kinds.  CAT, IH, John Deere, Minnesota Moline(?), Ford, Oliver, the list goes on and on.

The Fletcher Pull in the beautiful mountains of N.C.  has the added advantage of being right next door to the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, where I can sneak off to spend hours in the livestock barn with llamas, alpacas, sheep of every description, and of course the beautiful angora goats.  Fiber in every stage from sheep to shawl is available.  

The one thing the Carthage Pull has going for it is that it is close to home and I don't have to leave Tyfton Acres in anyone's care while I am gone.  Coming home tonight to the goats baas and the donkeys braaays, along with the quacking and gobbling of our feathered friends makes the world just right.  There is nothing more wonderful than the greetings we get from our buddies here at Tyfton Acres when we get home at night...thank you God for our blessings all wrapped up in fur and feathers!

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